Becoming a Superbrand

Superbrand status is awarded for quality, reliability and distinction by a combination of an expert council, and business executives or consumers voting on a comprehensive list of 3,200 consumer and business-to business brands.

Unusually for an industry award, brands do not pay or apply to be considered a Superbrand, the reason being that in order to provide a broad review of the market and identify the strongest brands in each category, all the key players in each sector need to be evaluated and voted on.

Are you a Superbrand?

You can check if your brand has been recognised as a Superbrand by checking the full lists:

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Contact us to find out more about what your Superbrand status entitles you to, and how full membership can allow you to access the voting data, leverage the power of your brand with internal and external stakeholders, celebrate your success and open up networking and brand opportunities.

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